The main objective of enterprise resource planning, or ERP, is to integrate all departments and functions across a company into a single system by using a common database, and so to have only one correct set of data.

One of the challenges that companies face is access to timely and correct information. This is very important in making appropriate business decisions. Frequently, corporate information is located in several databases. For example, records about inventory levels may be found in one database, whereas customer information may be found in its own separate database. Additionally, these databases may be “island systems” (operating independently from one another and having no integration with other databases).

ERP systems do not have this limitation because all information is found and in one common database. For example, even though a warehouse supervisor enters information into the system by using the warehousing module, that information is visible across the enterprise.

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We have over 40 years combined experience of working with solutions from renowned Software Companies namely SAP, Microsoft & ERPNext. Delivering Enterprise Resource Planning Solutions to our clients. Backed by our highly qualified staff and cross industry experience, we have consistently added value to our clients with every implementation.

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